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What is MusicDNA?

Monitoring 17,400 radio channels worldwide, from mainstream to grassroots stations, MusicDNA, the official provider of the German airplay charts, is the affordable solution for all music enterprises to gather vital music data on a global scale.

Our real time reports, statistics and charts provide you with all the necessary information to make sound business decisions. The information drawn from our data will help you spot trends early and boost your royalty collection, tour-booking and radio promotion.

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More stations than any other service

4,500 Stations
11,000 Stations
Rest of World
1,900 Stations
Germany 440 USA 7,500 Australia 330
UK 500 Canada 650 Japan 70
France 400 Brazil 750 China 210
BeNeLux 450 Mexico 500 Indonesia 370
Spain 150 Argentina 250 Southafrica 30
Other Countries 2,550 Other Countries 1,350 Other Countries 890

What others say about MusicDNA

SEA + AIR track their airplays with MusicDNA

"As a band playing up to 250 shows a year it is very important to keep tracking where in Europe our songs are being played. MusicDNA helped us making important decisions. Like knowing on which countries to focus when you get more requests to play live than you can handle.

It also helped focussing on new countries. For example we had no idea that radios in the Baltic states played our songs so frequently. When we saw it we knew we would have to play there as soon as possible.

When we started SEA + AIR as fulltime job 2 years ago it became very important to track royalties as well. It helps making a living from music a lot if you know which countries owe you royalties."

Daniel Benjamin / SEA + AIR

AUPEO!® To Launch Next Generation of Web Radio

AUPEO!, the personalized in-vehicle radio infotainment service and subsidiary of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, announced at Content and Apps for Automotive Europe, the launch of its next generation of Web Radio service, which will be powered by MusicNDA.

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MusicDNA provides official German Airplay Charts

Dr. F. Drücke, Managing Director of BVMI: „We are very pleased that we were able to win MusicDNA as the provider of the official German Airplay Charts. With their superior technology, MusicDNA will not only provide a reliable calculation of the charts, but will also bring many exciting additional services in the field of genre analysis and international title tracking.“