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MusicDNA - Broadcast Monitoring for You

What is MusicDNA?

Monitoring 19.700 radio channels worldwide, from mainstream to grassroots stations, MusicDNA is the affordable solution for all music enterprises to gather vital music data on a global scale.

Our real time reports, statistics and charts provide you with all the necessary information to make sound business decisions. The information drawn from our data will help you spot trends early and boost your royalty collection, tour-booking and radio promotion.

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More stations than any other service

7.104 Stations
10.917 Stations
Rest of World
1.749 Stations
Germany 1.073 USA 7.746 Australia 378
UK 859 Canada 758 Japan 82
France 1.411 Brazil 771 China 220
BeNeLux 511 Mexico 573 Indonesia 376
Spain 269 Argentina 321 South Africa 41
Other Countries 2.980 Other Countries 748 Other Countries 652

What others say about MusicDNA

MusicDNA services powered by green energy?

YES! Since the beginning of our radio monitoring in 2012 we did not only focus on the best service quality but also on sustainability and low CO2 footprint by cooperating from the beginning on with green data centers in Norway. With our main data center BlueFjords at the Jostedal valley we are relying on hydropower energy and cooling by glacier air and make our contribution to climate protection.

Discount for VUT members!

In cooperation with the VUT(German Association of Independent Music Companies) we are now offer all members an exclusive, particularly attractive discount. Further information can be found in the VUT member area or contact us directly at:

Neighbouring Rights

The use of our airplay data for royalty management and claiming (Author / Neighboring Rights) is becoming increasingly important. With MusicDNA ™ Radio you can identify potential income through royalties around the world. Many collecting societies use the airtime minutes (radio and television) as the key indicator for their distribution. If you have further questions, please get in touch: