About MusicDNA

MusicDNA is a service offered by MusicDNA A.S.,Norway.

What is MusicDNA?

MusicDNA is a suite of cutting edge music related technologies that will dramatically change the way you conduct a traditional music search, play your music, make a music recommendation to friends, and generate a music playlist — in essence it will transform your entire approach to digital music.

With MusicDNA you are able to extract the essential information from your music, enabling you to sort, search, explore and connect your music and related information in a way, which has not been possible before.

Who is MusicDNA?

MusicDNA A.S. was founded in 2007 and has since then established subsidiaries in Germany and China. The foundation of MusicDNA’s R&D is underpinned by the long term strategic partnership with Fraunhofer IDMT, a world renowned German research institute for music technology.

MusicDNA is a registered trademark of MusicDNA A.S., Norway


musicdna.com, musicdnaradio.com and musicdna-interface.com are services offered by

MusicDNA A.S.
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German office and Support

MusicDNA GmbH
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98693 Ilmenau, Germany

Management: Sebastian Schmidt
Register Court: Jena HRB 517208
Ust-ID/sales tax identification number: DE334322283

Phone: +49 3677 2094 840
E-mail: support@bachtechnology.com

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