We offer two service products

for individual customer wishes

  • request charts for any titles and past time periods
  • get national, international and station charts
  • request reports for any desired titles and periods
  • get reports concerning the period before your monitoring started


Get charts or annual charts for your desired regions and time periods.
request charts


Get reports of historical detection data for your desired titles and periods:

  • send your request specifying title and period
  • receive an offer with price suggestion
  • complete the order and receive the report
request report
  • Registered as well as not registered customers are able to buy the product “Historical Reports” in order to get reports of detection data from past periods.
  • The product “Historical Reports” contains 3 steps:
    • The customer sends his/her request to reports@musicdna.com exactly specifying his wishes about artist, title, period, geographical area and merging of duplicates.
    • MusicDNA checks the availability of the detection data requested and send an offer containing this information and a price proposal back to the customer.
    • The customer concludes the contract by accepting the offer in writing and paying the costs to the indicated bank account. In return, he will receive the individual report by e-mail.
  • The price of a report depends on the available data. The individually resulting total price is submitted to the customer in the offer.
  • Reports can only be provided for existing data, i. e. for titles that were in the database for the desired period and were actively monitored. It is possible that the period requested by the customer is completely, partially or not at all available.
  • MusicDNA does not guarantee the availability of the requested data.<

If you have any further questions, please visit the service page or contact our support team: support@bachtechnology.com

**prices without VAT


MusicDNA does not guarantee that the detection data of a song will be fully available for a period in which a song was inactive.

During the active monitoring of a title, MusicDNA is not responsible for any gaps or (individual) missing detections due to technical problems (geo- or IP-blocking, channel-specific restrictions or changes of streaming addresses).

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