MusicDNA consists of a suite of music related technologies.
Plugging them together results in breathtaking solutions
for music applications of all kinds.

Audio Analysis

Normally, music is classified by its genre, tempo or similar criteria. MusicDNA detects more detailed characteristics of songs.

Analyzing any audio file quickly and automatically, MusicDNA gives insight into the music’s mood, style, color and hardness, regardless of its format. At the end of this process, highly consistent semantic metadata has been gathered from the original track.

The core audio analysis technology has been designed by MusicDNA in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) and is continuously updated with new optimized descriptors.

Audio Analysis

Advantages of MusicDNA Audio Identification

  • fast and robust audio identification
  • identification is made within 10 seconds of a track playing
  • results are drawn from a database of more than 29 million songs
  • the result list contains the position of the query snippet within the song
  • optional speech/music discrimination is available

Audio Identification

MusicDNA Audio Identification is a robust, flexible system for the identification of audio signals incorporating MusicDNA’s enhanced metadata technology. Some examples of potential integrations are:

  • Airplay Monitoring: monitoring of radio and or TV channels to optimize marketing spending and to forecast incoming license fees from music broadcasting.
  • Smartphone and Tablets: on device music recognition for music services, artist apps or music related branding campaigns.
  • Automotive: automatic CD recognition and delivery of corresponding metadata as well as recognition of radio streams.
  • TVs & Hi-Fi Systems: detect songs played in adverts, movies, TV shows and other broadcast media.

Music Metadata

MusicDNA provides a media database and metadata feed service that identifies, organizes and enriches digital music. This improvement helps to drive sales and increase customer loyalty of online music services. For devices, it is a cost-effective recognition and metadata tagging service.

The MusicDNA media database contains consistent music analysis data and a repository of textual and multimedia rich metadata. It is constantly growing and covers more than 29 million tracks from all the major labels and music aggregators. The database supports both networked and embedded applications for home entertainment, automotive, portable music player, and mobile phone markets.

The MusicDNA Music Metadata service can easily be integrated into any music service via our web service or our SDKs for PC and mobile platforms.

Audio Analysis